Online Training for Sports Coaches, Professionals & Organisers

Here we signpost great examples of online training for sports coaches, professionals and organisers, delivered via innovative elearning solutions. These online learning projects have been used to identify talent and support the health and safety of participants, spectators, staff and volunteers.

They have also been used to improve sporting performance through access to data and analytics.


Learning Platforms for Global Sporting Events

One of the world’s leading elearning providers, imc Learning is trusted by many global brands, including the likes of Vodafone, Audi, BASF and Sky.

Following decades of successful learning platform projects for large organisations including the National Rugby League in Australia, imc were asked to develop a range of elearning solutions for the Commonwealth Games.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Learning Technology

This included a powerful learning management system (LMS), and a toolkit for quick and easy training content development by subject matter experts.


LMS for Commonwealth Games training

Initially developed for Birmingham 2022, a future-proof LMS for the Games has been designed to cater for subsequent games as well.


Rapid elearning development for a sport governing body

Organising over 50,000 employees, contractors and volunteers required the ability to quickly and effectively create elearning content in-house.

The imc Express rapid content authoring tool brought the flexibility to quickly design and deliver training content for the Games without the time and expense involved when bringing in a specialist elearning development agency for bespoke content.


Bitesize Learning for the FA, IOC & Premier League

Injury prevention training for the IOC

First Media is a full-service elearning company with over a decade of experience creating top-notch solutions across a range of sectors, but they have done some particularly impressive work for clients in sport.

Projects in this sector include:

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) – an interactive course covering health and wellbeing, designed to educate female athletes around the world. Their team worked with sport and health experts from around the world to create tailored learning modules on subjects that included Bone Health and Nutrition, Injury Prevention, and Sexual Harassment.
  • English Football Association (FA) – work alongside the FA’s Safeguarding team, developed Equality & Diversity elearning content to help tackle this sensitive subject, issues within it, and its impact on the game. The online learning was designed to challenge, educate and inspire coaches to work to change attitudes and behaviours. Through elearning included illustrations, video content, and interactive scenarios, and was delivered to over 50,000 learners.
  • English Premier League (EPL) – an online course for educating and informing Premier League Scholars about Equality & Diversity, Anti-Doping, and Health & Safety. To maximise engagement, there was an emphasis on fun, interactivity, and bite-size content.

Give them a call on +44 (0)1507 607 783 or learn more about First Media’s impressive elearning solutions for sport here.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training for Sports Coaches

For over 20 years, the elearning development services from Day One have helped well-known companies across the globe. These include many clients in health, such as the NHS, leading mental health charity Mind, and private healthcare providers.

This experience made Day One well-placed to create sudden cardiac training for sports coaches as an elearning project for UK Coaching and Sport England.

Martin Johnson CBE - England Rugby captain

Working in collaboration with St John’s Ambulance, Resuscitation Council UK, and Joe Humphries Memorial Trust this multimedia elearning was interactive and included illustration, animation, and video interviews with professional sports people, including Fabrice Muamba and Martin Johnson CBE.

The sudden cardiac arrest training content gave background information on the need for awareness and rapid action in an emergency, and guidance on performing CPR and using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

You can call Day One Technologies on +44 (0)1924 510 524.


Interactive eLearning for Football Scouts

Real Projects are helping football scouts worldwide to leverage the abundance of data available today through interactive elearning on analytics.

Player data for football scouts

They’ve been helping professionals across the football industry to explore the exciting new frontier of sports analytics, with courses on Technical Scouting and Performance Analysis.

The are also integrated into programmes offered by universities like UCFB and overseas football associations that include the MLS and the UAE FA.

Read more about this innovative elearning for football scouts on our profile of the project.


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