Retail Training and eLearning

Because a lot of retail employees deal directly with customers, it is very important that they receive adequate training on how to provide great customer service and increase sales.

Training in the retail industry does not come without its challenges though. Staff turnover can be high in this sector, business is often seasonal, and product ranges can change frequently.

When developing a retail training and / or elearning strategy, it is important to address these specific challenges.

Retail training and elearning


Employee Turnover

The retail sector is notorious for its high employee turnover rate. In most retail businesses, employees come and go all the time, making it very challenging to have well-trained, customer-facing personnel available at all times.

Providing employee training when you are constantly recruiting new people is very difficult. High turnover also poses challenges with building customer loyalty because customers will be seeing different employees all the time.

Having a flexible, but high quality training programme in place (ideally incorporating retail elearning) can help address these HR and customer service challenges.


Rapidly Changing Business Environment

The retail industry is a very volatile environment that is influenced by changing trends and aggressive marketing. For retailers to maintain their competitive edge, it is important that they are able to pivot quickly when fashion moves into a new direction and / or competitors are using new marketing tactics.

Decisions made at the head office level need to be communicated down and implemented quickly to stay on top of the market.

eLearning can provide a great device for passing down information on new products, sales tactics, marketing ploys and other important knowledge.

When setting up a training strategy for your retail organisation, hiring a training provider with retail industry training experience is a must. The help of a professional training consultancy can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your training courses and the return on investment they provide.

Below we’ve listed a few training and learning providers that have extensive experience with retail industry training.


US Retail Training Provider – Retail Training Services

Retail training expert, Retail Training Services LLC, is a retail training provider that offers both onsite and online training courses for small and large retailers.

Off-the-shelf training courses can be customised to your organisation’s needs and cover topics such as:

  • Sales
  • Store management
  • Field management
  • Marketing & merchandising
  • Store and field operations

It is also possible to have custom training courses developed from scratch for when off-the-shelf training products don’t suffice. Instructor-led retail training can be provided onsite or through webinars. Blended learning solutions are also available.

Retail clients include Honeywell, Cleveland Golf, Nestle Purina, Courts and Taylormade.

More information can be found at


eLearning Consultancy from Learning Light

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Retail LMS Provider – Litmos

Litmos is the developer of a robust learning management system that can help retailers implement an effective eLearning strategy. Their LMS allows rapid deployment of new training courses, has an intuitive user interface and includes extensive reporting functionalities.

The Litmos LMS is hosted in the cloud so retail employees can access training material from anywhere around the world.

Litmos also offers off-the-shelf training courses that can be purchased in different packages and includes training on topics such as leadership, sales, marketing, franchise training, employee training for retail stores and more.

Find out more about the Litmos LMS at
and Litmos training content at


Online Retail Course Provider – The Friedman Group

The Friedman Group is a retail training and consulting expert that offers online learning packages for retailers that include access to a large number of courses on topics such as:

  • Sales skills
  • Store management
  • District management
  • Store meetings

Different packages are available for small, medium and large organisations. Training courses can be accessed online.

Retail clients of the Friedman Group include Sprint, Telus, Specialized and Godiva.

Find out more at


They have also evaluated a great deal of elearning content relevant to the retail industry, including online sales courses over at e-Learning Centre.


eLearning Content Development – Sponge Learning

Off-the-shelf eLearning courses do not always meet the complex requirements of an innovative retail organisation. In some cases it is well worth the investment to have course content developed that is customised to your organisation’s unique situation.

eLearning Sponge Learning started in Plymouth, Devon in the South West of England is a custom elearning content provider that develops tailored online courses for organisations in a variety of industries, including retail.

There’s a further profile on this Plymouth based elearning provider here where there is more on what they do and the scientific rationale behind their work in areas such as gamification and games-based learning.

For more on their services and details of their national and international clients such as Tesco, Adidas Group, BMW, Lexus and

Find out more on their Retail and Distribution learning solutions on the Sponge website.


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