Short Business Courses Online for SME Teams – New EWB Packages

Short business courses online with EWB

A leading UK elearning provider now offers an extensive catalogue of short business courses online with packages designed for SME teams.

Already a popular choice for those looking to improve their Microsoft Office knowledge, productivity and a range of other skills – Excel with Business now provide packages for up to 25, up to 50 or up to 100 staff, at very affordable monthly rates.

SME team course packages

Ranging from £99 per month for smaller teams up to just £299 per month for up to 100 staff, these business training courses offer exceptional value given the quality of the elearning content.


Who are Excel with Business?

EWB was founded in 2009 by 3 tech-savvy business consultants who identified the need for better office software skills to help prevent errors and enhance productivity.

Various studies, including this roundup by Salesforce, have concluded that nearly 9/10 spreadsheets have errors – leading to billions of pounds in lost revenue.

Big mistakes are not limited to big business though and the EWB founders Marc, Vin and Chris sought to address this fact with easy to use, affordable training for individuals and businesses. Initially focusing on Microsoft Excel, their range of courses then broadened out to the full Microsoft Office suite and other related skills such as Business Analysis, Basic Web Development and soft skills such as Leadership and Management.

The most popular courses in their extensive catalogue of over 40 titles include:

  • Microsoft Excel (including beginner to advanced levels)
  • Basic Accounts
  • Mini MBA
  • Business Analysis
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Web Development
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Office 365

These courses are ideal for small to medium sized business owners and senior managers who are looking for low cost ways to improve productivity and up-skill their staff, while minimising training costs and ensuring best value.

As an additional benefit, members can join live weekly classes to go into more depth on important business topics. An example is shown below:

For larger teams, EWB’s sister site, Filtered, offers intelligent online training that adapts to the knowledge and skills of your learners. This is a clever solution and we’ve written about the Filtered Excel course on our site already.

To focus back on SMEs though, Excel with Business are offering excellent value for those seeking short business courses online, and as they are adding new titles regularly, it should also be a future-proof solution as the needs of the modern office worker evolve.

You can learn more on the Excel with Business website.