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The conundrum of legal and regulatory compliance training is a tricky situation for many organisations. Compliance led training still worth 40% to 60% of the elearning market. What have the lawyers ever done for us?!

There are many grumbles from employers and employees about the nature of compliance training served up as elearning. Page turners, boring content and repetitive materials are just some of the moans, and out-of-context material is the other big complaint. The traditional solution has been an LMS designed and configured to “brute it through”, using “nagware” and more.

There is, however, another way and news reaches us of the success of the Looop cloud-based learning platform in re-configuring compliance learning for ASOS and Sky.

The principle differentiator is learning in context and the Looop approach: a development framework based on agile development with the client.

Looop learning platform

Critically, the approach used by Looop with these clients is to place the compliance requirement in the context of the organisations day to day operation and the results indicate high levels of learner satisfaction.

The Looop learning platform is designed to support learners and reflects the way the modern learner actually learns, on demand.

The Looop team have evolved a rapid approach to building out compliance based on content in context working with the client. A series of sprint developments using wireframes to capture the essence of the compliance issue in the organisation’s context.

The materials created are kept deliberately simple and after a couple of iterations they form part of the compliance library. They can be bespoke materials or materials drawn from other sources and contextualised.

The Looop platform makes this approach quick and effective and then makes the materials available with tagging and ease of access to the materials allowing learners to be assigned courses or find materials relevant to their job.

This approach is rolling out in ASOS (a fast growing business) into the whole on-boarding programme with materials available at pre-induction and through the entire process in a busy and fast moving workplace.

Putting compliance led learning in context may require a compromise in quality, but building out rapidly and making the content available, then improving the materials later seems to work.

Ben Muzzel, MD of Looop, highlights the importance of the agile software development model to create the learning materials quickly and simply, but in context. Quick sprints seem to work well according to Ben as they keep the project moving and prevent the project acquiring the “paralysis by analysis sobriquet” that can afflict projects.

So while Looop is a platform, it is also an approach that is aimed at short circuiting many of the issues that compliance led e-learning projects are faced with.

The Looop approach works well with compliance, but it will work in any fast moving environment where in context learning is needed quickly and cost effectively.

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