Skillsoft and IBM Research Unveil New Applications for Big Data in Learning and Talent Development

At its 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives customer conference in Orlando, Skillsoft will present live demonstrations of the latest next-generation adaptive capabilities the company has been developing with IBM Research over the past 18 months. The demo will highlight stage two of the multi-phase joint development effort IBM and Skillsoft have undertaken to harness the power of big data in enterprise learning and development.

At the event, attendees will see how IBM Research’s big data analytics and natural language processing (NLP) technologies are applied across Skillsoft’s trillion+ user content interactions, job roles and talent profiles and over 60,000 content assets, including rich text and video, and open knowledge bases like Wikipedia, to generate hyper-personalized learning paths. These goal-based learning recommendations are constructed and dynamically sequenced, based on historical content consumption and the semantics of a large number of courses and learning goals, to optimize employee engagement, knowledge retention, and performance.

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