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Special Offer, Mind Mapping Mastery and Effective Speed Reading with Bonus Module: How to study and excel in exams with Mind mapping. 

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Cost £69 – Unlimited use for 30 days  or Contact us for more details and volume discounts.A unique opportunity to learn how to MIND MAP and how to READ FASTER and more effectively…Mind Mapping Mastery

Mind Mapping Mastery course from Illumine e-learning – the leading provider of Mind Mapping training. When learnt properly, Mind Mapping is a uniquely powerful technique. On this interactive and hands-on e-learning course you will learn:

– how to establish great mind mapping technique
– the secret to using mind maps to enhance the quality of your thinking and planning
– how to build a powerful memory with mind maps
– the best way to take notes using Mind Maps
– why mind maps work – how they work WITH the brain
– the wide range of uses of mind maps for work and life

BONUS MODULES – how to study and excel in exams with Mind Maps

Take a look at the video below:

AND Effective Speed Reading

Learn how to read faster…MUCH faster…
…and UNDERSTAND better
…and REMEMBER more
Based on over 30 years of using speed reading techniques and 17 years of teaching the techniques all over the world, the focus on this unique course is on speed AND comprehension…reading for knowledge EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY.

On this unique course, you will learn:

– a strategy that you can apply flexibly to ALL reading for knowledge and information
– exactly how your eyes and brain work together when you are reading – and how to use that information to accelerate your reading dramatically
– specific techniques to read faster AND understand better
– the one technique that will make everything else you learn even more effective
– the importance of the right mindset
– how memory works during and after reading – and how to use that knowledge to make sure you remember whatever you need to
– HOW to practice so that reading quickly, becomes a habit and a lifelong skill

Understand how to take the knowledge of how to read faster and turn it into a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life, take a look at the video about this course:

These two courses complement each other perfectly – and you save £29 at the same time – great value!

These two modules cost just £69 – Unlimited use for 30 days  or Contact us for more details and volume discounts