The Learning Curve Podcast with Kenny from imc

Are you an HR or L&D professional looking to keep up with the latest training tips, tools and strategies? “The Learning Curve with Kenny” is an innovative podcast series dedicated to transforming enterprise learning.

The Learning Curve podcast with Kenny from imc

Host Kenneth Littlepage, a respected learning expert from imc, brings this monthly podcast to life. It showcases engaging interviews with experts in human resources, learning, and innovation management. Thought leaders and pioneers in modern training methods are regular guests.

Each episode, lasting between 30 to 60 minutes, offers a thought-provoking escape, perfect for a commute or a quiet moment in the office.

You can find all the latest episodes and learn more on the imc Learning podcast page of their website.

They have already kicked off with interesting and insightful episodes that include:


Onboarding at Amazon: Empowering new executives with cultural fluency

With a focus on hybrid onboarding at a global company, Kenny interviews the Principal Executive Onboarding Partner at Amazon Web Services (AWS) – William Thomas PhD.

In the episode titled ‘Empowering new Amazon executives with cultural fluency‘, they discuss issues such as Amazon’s approach to finding shared leadership values, and the vital role of learning during a new employee’s first three months at a company.
Find the Amazon onboarding episode here.


Debunking Learning Myths

Kenny and his guest, Dr. Kuva Jacobs, delve into common learning myths. They tackle misconceptions like The Learning Pyramid and the concept of learning styles, underscoring the importance of evidence-based approaches.

They warn about the potential harm of blindly accepting these myths and suggest this episode as a valuable resource for Learning and Development managers and professionals in the learning field.
Find the Debunking Learning Myths Episode here.


Wellbeing Training in the Digital Age

This episode of the podcast features Kenny’s conversation with Todd Morgan, CEO of Outside The Locker Room (OTLR), a non-profit dedicated to enhancing mental health in sports clubs, schools, and businesses throughout Australia. Todd speaks about the obstacles organisations encounter in fostering mental well-being in today’s digital era, especially considering the increase in remote work and its effect on social interactions.

Nonetheless, he points out the encouraging shift in companies acknowledging the need to invest in their employees’ mental health. Todd also offers valuable tips on how to effectively leverage digital tools to expand mental health training initiatives.
Listen to the Wellbeing in the Digital Age episode.


What Can We Learn from Space Technology for Remote Training?

The podcast episode with Peter Clowes, founder of MAXART, delves into how the business world is being transformed by the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of VR and AR training. He emphasises the significance of learning from NASA’s astronaut training methods.

The discussion provides insightful perspectives on the future of enterprise learning, highlighting advancements in remote training and the advantages of interdisciplinary training approaches.
Listen to this episode on learning from Space Technology for Remote Training.