Top eLearning Authoring Tools – Best Software for Content Development

Here is our list of top elearning authoring tools for creating and maintaining great content, and for ensuring compatibility with the latest standards. Below is some of the best software for content development in 2020 and beyond.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate for eLearning Authoring

Adobe Captivate, already one of the leading elearning content development tools, has been made eve better over the last 18 months. It helps you to create fully responsive materials, with interactivity for video based training, and integration of VR and AR with 360 degree media support.

As well as making learning more immersive and exciting, virtual and augmented reality elements can greatly improve training outcomes in areas such as first responder situations, safety drills and product walk-throughs.

Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies are already using Adobe Captivate…

Learn more on the Captivate page of the Adobe website.


Jackdaw Cloud

Jackdaw Cloud eLearning Authoring System

Jackdaw Cloud is, as the name suggests, a web-based elearning authoring package, which means that you do not need any software on your computer to operate it. No set-up required, and you can author any time and on most devices – as long as you have an internet connection.

Cloud authoring is not unique, but this package is a fully interactive elearning content development solution – and not a rigid Content Management System like some other browser based tools. The elearning is made up of a number of expandable scenes, in which learning objects (text, video presenters, animations etc) can be added to via the in-built media library or uploaded from your own hard drive.

The elearning is easy and very quick to produce with a drag and drop interface. Furthermore, the end product is highly engaging, looking more like interactive documentaries, rather than slide based presentations. All the usual elearning features are included, such as gamification, pathways, quizzes etc.

You can register on the site for instant access – the system is free to use for building your own course, and the company even offers the use of 10 free courses upon which you can build, covering a variety of subject areas from first aid to customer service.

Learn more and get started with Jackdaw authoring tool.



Lectora online authoring software

Lectora from Trivantis is one of the world’s best-established and most popular elearning development tools. The product has continued to improve and keep pace with the latest web technologies and shifts towards mobile accessibility and rich, multimedia learning.

The cloud-based version, Lectora online, allows you to create great, responsive content from anywhere with an internet connection.

The desktop version, Lectora Inspire, comes bundled with may popular, premium tools, such as the latest versions of Camtasia, BranchTrack and Snagit, plus extensive content libraries from eLearning Brothers.

This multi-award winning software is used by many of the world’s biggest companies.

Learn more about Lectora on the Trivantis website.


BONUS Tool: Day One’s Free Online SCORM Checker

Day One LMS Lite and SCORM checker tool

If you are creating or updating your own elearning content without using one of the latest software products on the market, then this excellent free tool from Day One can help you to ensure that your content is and stays SCORM compliant.

As part of their LMS Lite product, it allows you to upload a zip folder and you’ll receive confirmation that everything is good or identify any issues that need to be fixed.

Learn more and try out the free SCORM checker tool on the Day One LMS Lite website.

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