Top Moodle Partners for Open Source eLearning Solutions

Here we look at some of the top Moodle Partners worldwide to help you develop, implement and manage an open source LMS. From its background in the education sector, Moodle has evolved to become one of the best learning management systems for business, not-profits and the public sector, as well as schools, colleges and universities.

Top Moodle Partners

Constant evolution can be one of the biggest benefits of working with open source software, as the most popular systems are supported and continuously improved by a community of enthusiastic developers who contribute new features and plugins – and Moodle is one of the best examples of this in any software sector.

Additionally, we’ve seen a lot of changes within the Moodle Partnership programme over the last couple of years, with a number of new companies becoming certified, while some have left / been removed from the programme.

So we thought we would have a fresh look at Moodle Partners who are doing great work in creating elearning solutions across the globe, and highlight a few of the leading companies that are demonstrating positive impact for their clients.


Titus Learning – UK & Hong Kong

Titus Learning Moodle Services

Official Moodle Partners for the UK and Hong Kong, Titus Learning have created open source elearning solutions for clients in 19 countries at the time of writing – and across all sectors.

This exciting company are not only demonstrating impressive growth, but have attracted some of the most experienced talent in the Moodle community to join their team of expert developers and consultants. They can help you with integration of Moodle with a wide range of 3rd party software, such as EduLink for education management and H5P for interactive content creation in HTML5. to reduce workload and maximise its potential

Wherever you happen to be based, and whether you are a business, not-for-profit, government organisation or school / college / university, Titus Learning is a vibrant elearning company that could help you to create an excellent VLE / LMS using Moodle.

Visit to learn more about Titus.


eCreators – Australia & Singapore

eCreators for Moodle in Australia and Singapore

With main bases in Melbourne and Sydney, eCreators are official Moodle Partners in Australia and Singapore.

This award-winning company offer learning management systems, bespoke elearning content development, and off the shelf courses and materials.

Learn more on their main website at


Human Logic – Middle East

Human Logic Moodle Partners in the Middle East

If you’re looking for a company to provide elearning solutions in the Middle East, Human Logic are Moodle Partners for the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

They can create elearning in Arabic, as well as English, and have notable clients in Education, Business and Government.

Visit the Human Logic website to learn more.


eThink Education – USA, Canada, Caribbean & Nigeria

eThink Moodle Partners in the USA, Canada, Nigeria and the Caribbean

Advocate of open source elearning solutions, eThink are Moodle Partners in the USA, Canada, Caribbean and Nigeria. They have numerous clients across the K-12, Higher Education and Business Sectors.

Visit to learn more.


Edu Labs – Columbia, Ecuador & Mexico

Edu Labs Columbia Ecuador Mexico

If you are looking for an open source LMS supplier in Latin America for elearning in Spanish, Edu Labs could be a good choice, as they are official Moodle Partners for Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Visit their website at for more on their services (Spanish lanuage website).

Whatever the type and size of your company or organisation, Moodle could be a great choice, and these are some of the leading service providers for helping you use it to its maximum potential.


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