uQualio Review: Video Based Training in a Behaviour Focused eLearning App

In our uQualio review, we found this to be an extremely well-thought-through video-based elearning solution.

Our uQualio review - here the user home section

The Behaviour Focused Learning App market is interesting at the moment and we are seeing a number of products addressing this segment from a variety of perspectives.

uQualio comes to the market as a video learning solution that is a powerful product, but benefits from Danish design skills to make it both effective and easy to use. It creates video-based learning interactive by overlaying questions onto the video content, providing a fully-mobile delivery experience.

The innovation in uQualio lies in the way video can be transformed from a passive experience to proactive learning. uQualio can allow learning designers to tie answers to questions in the video sequence. So, if you have a video explaining a process or a procedure, the questions can be directly tied to the moment in the video.

Editing video questions in uQualio

A video sequence can therefore have a series of expositions and associated questions creating powerful and effective learning.


Importing Additional Media

In addition, uQualio allows for the importing of additional supporting learning materials such as PDF or spreadsheets, PowerPoints etc… to form part of the learning resources.

Video can be uploaded to the private cloud or links to video resources can be used within uQualio, and the platform handles video very efficiently indeed.

The ability to create and sequence the questions is easy and intuitive. uQualio supports MCQs with pictures and/or texts. The questions do not have to be tied to specific videos, so there is plenty of flexibility here.


Communication Features

uQualio has strong communications features. Learners can receive emails or SMS links to enrol them on courses. Links can also be created to allow for learner feedback with optional upload of learners’ documents to the instructor (not a chat option – a feedback option).

Communication with messaging within the learning platform

Staying with set up, uQualio has a very cool step guide to support set up which is one of my favourite features.

I am also impressed with the ability of uQualio to manage course and versions, which is really useful, but also really key to making uQualio work for an L&D team internally, or for a customer support team, to get the best results.

Easy course admin

There are obviously a lot of use cases for this type of solution (internal training, B2B and B2C training). The team at uQualio has gone to considerable lengths to think through how the platform can be used in different use cases and by different types of organisations.m

Each channel is not mutually exclusive and a company can leverage its video content multiple times so that employee training and customer training / information can be closely aligned…..that is smart and here is how:


Multi-Channel Delivery

Much of their thinking at uQualio has been around channels and multi-channel delivery. Channels can be:

  • public and open to any user
  • private and protected by the need to log in from within an organisation for example
  • by invitation only, where a group has been created and invites issued.

So……….. uQualio is ideally placed to deliver customer support programmes (and public channels do not incur license fees on a user basis!……….take note).

Channels within uQualio

A great use case is a large wine merchant using uQualio to train its customers’ employees about new wines as well as market information about the wines with promotional videos to its customers. (It is important to note that the SMS feature does include a charge.)

Staying with that use case, uQualio encourages employee sharing of the videos by awarding badges for content shares. This approach really does create something powerful in aligning staff and customer interaction.


Integration, Administration & Reporting

The administrative back end of UQualio is pretty solid. There is an API available so this product can be part of a greater learning eco-system if required.

The user hierarchies are pretty comprehensive and after the super admin includes content managers, channel managers, course managers and course assistants, so lots of flexibility for roles and points of control making administration easy.

eLearning content editor within uQualio

Reporting is good with a good range of standard reports and an ability to create filters is useful. The managers can communicate with learners based on filtering in the reports to create specific messages for each user type in a course.

So, a behaviour-focused learning app – well yes, a video based in-house training solution – yes, plus a customer–staff aligned elearning solution… indeed, and of course an extended enterprise training and learning solution. All leveraging the power of enhanced, interactive video with embedded assessment.

If you’re looking to create video-based elearning to train and educate your staff, customers and partners / distributors, then uQualio is well worth a look!

Learn more on their website at www.uqualio.com