Video Based Online Training Courses – ej4 eLearning Library

Using video-based online training courses can make your content more engaging for many learners. A multimedia approach to training has been shown to generate better results, and ej4 are leaders in video elearning content, with one of the largest and highest quality collections around.


Online Training Videos from ej4


The content been developed in the USA and does therefore have an American slant and accent. But, don’t let that put you off from improving the intellectual capital of your organisation if you are based elsewhere!

These elearning videos are very good indeed, having passed the Objectives X Treatment matrix used here at Learning Light to assess the quality of elearning content. Subject matter expertise comes from a range of top notch US academic institutions including StanfordVirginia Tech, and the Universities of California and Columbia as well as the University of Cambridge.

These videos work very effectively as the video content is cloud-based so it’s easily accessible anywhere and on any device. Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC / Laptop computer for quick access to this video elearning. Content is easily managed on the online campus or on your existing LMS if required.

Selling Skills

This collection of 23 videos looks at selling, including selling to retail and to the DISC profiles very effectively. it also covers dealing with selling objections. Our view……good content following ej4’s principles of just enough and just in time. 


Presentation Skills

This collection of 23 videos is an amazingly thorough course to help you make compelling presentations in business, and reap the benefits from them. The elearning videos offer a solid approach through preparation, creation, delivery and hand outs and handling questions. Our view….very thorough indeed, again with eJ4 practical and tactical and we should never become complacent in making presentations, so useful to us all, even those experienced presenters.


Business Grammar & Maths

This collection of 31 videos is some the newest content from ej4, and was produced in response to demands from organisations that their employees brush up on grammar and writing skills that are relevant to the workplace, there is a strong emphasis on speech, punctuation and business writing. Our view…..This is clear concise elearning video content designed to improve performance in a neglected area…..a big win for practicality here!


Professional Productivity

This collection of 43 videos covers a wide range of topics, some are more suited to the UK market than others, but are again fully addressing many of the issues businesses face, from note taking, writing effective e-mails, telephone manner, office etiquette, to ergonomics. Our view…… For new start employees seeking to learn about the world of work and how to acclimatize to working life in an office this is really good content. These elearning videos would also prove useful as a reminder library for many existing employees as well, as the topics covered are rich and varied!


Microsoft Office

This is an excellent addition to the comprehensive library of e-learning videos covering Windows 7 and Windows 8 and all the Office editions from 2003 to 2013. If you are upgrading your organisation to Office 2013….this set of e-learning videos will really help.



This small collection of excellent short form videos were developed by ej4 to recognise that Creativity is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. People are outliving their ideas. We’re in this ever-changing world where you have to stay ahead of the game, and that applies to organizations as a whole, and to employees as career assets. With the help of this series, you can learn to be more creative in your job, benefiting not only yourself but also your organization. We are in complete agreement with this sentiment.   



This collection of 51 videos form a high impact collection of elearning videos designed for leaders and aspiring leaders, from how to “work a room” mentoring, motivation and much more. This collection is both “full on” and surprisingly thoughtful and well worth spending time evaluating your organizations needs against the issues being dealt with in these elearning videos. Our view…. There is a lot of very very useful material here, and it is worth taking a trial of the j4 campus for this alone. 


Customer Service

This collection of 21 videos coming from the land of exceptional customer service are especially useful as they address the hard steps needed to improve customer service and sell more. Covering feedback, customer surveys and the role of the mystery shopper, these elearning videos are designed to give you the tools to really improve your organisations customer service. Our view……very US focused, but we can all learn a lot here with some absolute gems in this library.



This collection of 13 videos form a concise set of videos providing you with the skills to achieve negotiated success. This is about achieving the win – win scenario, and using these elearning videos will go a long way to help with successful negotiations. Our view….useful and above all practical and tactical, and we can all improve our negotiation skills following this effective approach.


Retail Excellence

This collection of 11 videos looks at retail from several perspectives. There are some absolute gems in this selection of elearning videos, Our view….. this is US focused, but the principles of retailing are the same worldwide, and keeping your staff motivated by providing understanding is an excellent principle and with clear and impassioned presentations these videos will motivate by informing your retail employees.



This collection of 29 videos is an absolute gem….this level of career progression has not been dealt with very effectively, and these elearning videos really do that. They cover supervisiory skills with great practical advice, and there are videso on coaching, employee engagement and ethics. Our view…..this is our favourite library, and one that will have a fantastic impact in any organisation dedicated to improving leadership and management at all levels, this content will really support employees making the step up to a supervisory role exceptionally well.