WAMITAB CoTC The Process

Registration with WAMITAB (the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board)

WAMITAB is the awarding body. All candidates must be registered with WAMITAB before commencement of the assessment process.

The QCF Award

QCF’s consist of Mandatory Units and Optional Units. Within these units are elements defined as specific activities that you will be undertaking as part of your job.

Each of the elements consists of;

Performance Criteria – tasks where you must demonstrate work based competence

Knowledge and Understanding – this is the underpinning knowledge of knowing why you are doing tasks in this way and demonstrates the transfer of knowledge from the learning you have undertaken to the workplace.

Demonstrating Competence

There are a number of ways that you can demonstrate competence, and working with your assessor you will plan the methods you will use for example:

Assessor Observation – your assessor observing you carrying out tasks as specified in the units of the award

Questions and Answers – your assessor will ask you questions about the tasks you are undertaking, giving you the opportunity to explain your ways of working.

Witness Testimony – written testimony may be obtained from your manager, a colleague or a customer confirming that they have observed your competency in relation to the specified performance criteria.

Documentary evidence – letters, reports, or photographs and video, documenting your involvement in tasks that demonstrate your competency, knowledge and understanding of your job may be obtained from others or compiled by you.

It is important that all evidence provided is personal to you and demonstrates your current competency.

Gathering Evidence

All evidence gathered ready for assessment will be kept into your candidate folder.

The folder will either be retained by the Assessor or by you but, must be available for inspection by the Assessor at each planned meeting with you until you have completed your final assessment, and handed over to you when all assessment is complete. This will allow you to keep the evidence in the event of you changing jobs. The qualification you achieve will be registered on your unique learner record so staying with you if you change jobs.

The Assessment Process

The first meeting with your assessor will take place as soon as possible after registration is completed. At this meeting you will;

Discuss with your Assessor the QCF you are about to undertake, ensuring you understand the application of QCF’s in the workplace, the assessment process, and the requirements and standards you must attain to achieve the award.

Discuss with your Assessor any special needs you may have and identify any additional support you may need to achieve the award.

Work with your Assessor to agree your assessment plan and ensure you understand the timescales and meeting times for your assessment.

At each assessment the assessor will make detailed notes of what they have observed. The assessor will also document any other types of evidence provided by you or a witness.

The assessor will review your assessment plan at each visit to ensure planned progress is achieved, applying ‘SMART’ principles (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely targets). The review is your opportunity to give your feedback to the assessor on your rate of progress.

At all times during the QCF process the standard of assessment will be monitored by the internal verification procedures of the Learning Light Centre.

We recognise the effort and focus you will need to apply to your job in the work place to achieve your award.

We hope that working in partnership with your Assessor and the Learning Light Centre that you find this an enjoyable and rewarding experience.