This page has more detail on the WAMITAB CoTC course for the waste and recycling industry. It follows on from our main WAMITAB qualifications page, which has up to date information on our full range of training, pricing and further info.

Under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) 2007 a permitted facility that receives waste or recycling materials to operate compliantly must have competent personnel.

Operators must demonstrate competence in the type of facility for which they have responsibility. Managers or Supervisors achieve this by obtaining an Operator Competence Certificate for the type of facility and the type of waste.

Facilities are listed under Risk headings for each type of facility – candidates achieve the relevant qualification by demonstrating their competence in each appropriate unit of the qualification

You will be required to demonstrate competence based on the Risk Tier for your facility

  • High risk: You will be required to achieve a 12 Unit QCF qualification
  • Medium risk:  You will be required to achieve a 6 Unit QCF qualification
  • Low risk:  You will be required to achieve a 4 Unit QCF qualification

All you have to do is look up the level of risk and description of the facility you work at, before looking across to see which units you require.

The table also shows the Standard Rules Permit identifiers (e.g. SR2008No14) which are the Environmental Agency references linking the different types of site to individual permit requirements. You can also use these to identify which units you require.

Each award has an Award Code and this is the award that you will need to register for, through an Assessment Centre.

Please note: it is your responsibility (based on advice from the appropriate Regulatory Agency) to select the qualification, units or training programme that is appropriate for your site.

To apply for a WAMITAB QCF Qualification please request an application form from victoria.hardman@learninglight.com and return it to her by email or post it to:

Victoria Hardman, Sheffield Technology Parks, Suit 21, Cooper Buildings, Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 2NS.

Find out more about the assessment process here

If you wish to discuss your application further please contact us

Learning Light offers a fixed price for the completion of a QCF qualification. We think this is important, so that you know how much the qualification will cost before you begin.

Registration Fee:             

£599 + VAT

This fee is payable at the point of registration and incorporates the WAMITAB Registration Fee; the Initial Site Visit and Site Suitability Assessment; and Centre Administration Fees.

Fixed price per Unit:         £199 + VAT

If additional support is required to achieve the award we are able to provide this but this is not included in the standard costs. Further information and Assessor Travel Expenses can be found on the main WAMITAB qualifications page.


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