WAMITAB Qualifications: COTC, OCC & Level 1 to 4

If you need to complete a WAMITAB course, Learning Light is an approved training centre that provides qualifications at Level 1, 2, 3 and 4, including the OCC (Operator Competence Certificate).

The most popular of these courses is the WAMITAB Level 4 qualification (still often referred to as the CoTC – Certificate of Technical Competence). This is because every waste management or recycling facility needs to have an accredited professional working on site at least 20% of the time who has the training, knowledge and skills to govern safe working procedures.


A WAMITAB qualification demonstrates the level of knowledge and skill needed to ensure that a waste site complies with the Environmental Permitting Regulations (2007).


WAMITAB Approved Centre

Learning Light is an approved WAMITAB Centre providing Statutory and Non-Statutory (Voluntary) qualifications listed on the Quality Curriculum Framework (QCF).

We offer training that is evidenced by the learner with traditional paperwork, but we are also able to deliver the WAMITAB qualification online if preferred, with an on-site assessor visit just at the start and final assessment points in the process.

This can make WAMITAB training much more convenient for the learner and much less disruptive for the employer.

As well as making training and assessments as convenient as possible alongside your work, WAMITAB courses with Learning Light are competitively priced.


Site Owners / Managers

If you do not hold a CoTC, you or a designated person will be required to demonstrate competence based on the Risk Tier for your facility.


High risk

Typical businesses are full-service waste transfer stations, including those that deal with hazardous waste, such as asbestos.
You will be required to achieve a 12 Unit QCF qualification.
£2987 including learner registration, training and assessment.


Medium risk

Typical companies are non-hazardous waste transfer stations, such as car breakers.
You will be required to achieve a 6 Unit QCF qualification.
£1793 including learner registration, training and assessment.


Low risk

Such as scrap dealers and rock or metal recovery companies.
You will be required to achieve a 4 Unit QCF qualification.
£1395 including learner registration, training and assessment.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Please note – prices have been increased from 1st January 2018 to reflect increases in WAMITAB registration and certification charges. The fee increases are broadly in line with inflation.


Please note – assessors will be travelling from Sheffield and travel time is charged at £35 per hour and £0.45 per mile. Travel and mileage is not subject to VAT.
We make every effort to ensure that travel time is kept to a minimum. 


Please email info@learninglight.com  for more information or call us on: 0114 307 2358 to check on the right course for your role and facility.

Learning Light is WAMITAB approved centre number 139/88.


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Just Need the Continuing Competence / CoTC Refresher?

The WAMITAB Continuing Competence – also known as the CoTC Refresher course – is conducted directly through the WAMITAB website and is bookable online here.