Warp Studio: VR Training Made Easy – Build 360 Degree Video Courses

Warp Studio brings a very useful and cost effective solution to the creation of VR training, by using 360 degree video courses and learning materials.

I like this a lot – creating 360 degree video is not that hard, and more importantly, it is a valuable addition to the field of elearning. So an induction into a busy workplace can be created in 360 degree video, and it looks really good. Very impactful indeed, and it is absolutely in context.

This innovative platform, created by Warp Industries, allows for the editing of the video and the embedding of tasks and learning points. During my review of the product, I found that it provides an intuitive diagrammatic picture of what you are trying to achieve.

I love this approach for outlining learning design in a simple and effective manner.

Interactive Video Training from Warp

The pictures created are linked neatly to the learning objectives and the flow of the video and learning is aligned.

If you are wondering about its existing use in the marketplace, this learning solution is used for:

  • Customer service training for British Telecom
  • Public awareness in fire safety for the National Fire Brigade
  • Cyber-security training for a large bank in the Netherlands
  • Technical training for mechanics at KLM
  • Safety training at Merck (pharma)
  • Sales / assessment training for BBC Worldwide 

to name just a few examples…

The Warp Studio platform publishes the built learning and is of course fully mobile, as mobile phone headsets ranging from Google Cardboard to Samsung Gear VR headset can be used to view the learning materials.

Warp is integratable into other LMS, and is a really simple and cost effective way to create not just interactive videos, but interactive virtual reality.

A suite consisting of both a web application and a mobile app, Warp Studio has great potential in the business space for employee training, and the education sector for transporting students to new spaces and environments.

Visit www.warpvr.com/ to learn more about this great platform.

VR training with Warp Studio

You can build your own materials or work with Warp to build your courses. In my view, the platform has enough in-built help to make it quite easy to build your own VR courses.

David Patterson

Lead eLearning Consultant

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Our lead elearning consultant David Patterson is an expert in training technologies such as learning management systems, and in elearning best practices.

He has helped many public and private sector organisations across the UK, Europe and worldwide to create and deliver engaging, effective elearning.

David is joint author of several research papers including the highly acclaimed Learning Light reports on the UK elearning market.