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Learning Light showing you how to succeed with elearning Circle Effect

Learning Light are experts in all things e-learning. We have been helping organisations succeed with e-learning since 2005.

Our experts work with you to define and determine an elearning project, design and develop elearning content anddeploy elearning and learning technologies into your organisation

Using our Workshop approach, we can show you how to use our elearning consultancy approach

These Workshops are a great way for you to learn how to succeed with an elearning project

Using our evolved approach we have ensured the delivery of many organisation’s elearning projects and we are really happy to share this with you in our fixed price workshops catering for up to 10 people.

Why not work with us to customise your Workshop to reflect your industry sector or focus.

Learning Light has researched the learning requirements of many different industry sectors, as well how e-learning can support marketing campaigns, internal communications and change programmes

  • Define and Determine

Our experts show you how define and determine your e-learning requirements, building business cases and setting metrics that matter with our evolved consultancy approach so you can collect the correct metrics and specify your  project.

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  • Design and Develop

Learn how to design e-learning for operational and legislative requirements, system simulations, drills, tests and quizzes. We can also expalin how to convert existing content to e-learning content.

Learn how to develop e-learning using rapid e-learning tools or bespoke e-learning development techniques, our experts can show you how to develop for PC, Smartphone and Tablets.


  • Deploy

Learn how to deploy your e-learning successfully into the organisation, measure the metrics and overcome inertia in the organisation, using our integrated approach – shown to you by our learning experts.

Delivery Triangle

Learning Light workshops…..showing you how: Define and Determine, Design and Develop and Deploy

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