Xapimed Healthcare Training App Review: Fast, Effective On-The-Job Learning

In conducting this review of the Xapimed healthcare training app, David found an excellent solution for fast and effective on-the-job learning. It saves time and improves skill development for busy medical professionals.

Xapimed healthcare training app


Built for Healthcare

Capturing and evidencing competence digitally in a workplace setting, indeed one of the busiest and challenging workplace settings – healthcare was the challenge Xapimed set themselves. Working in conjunction with some leading healthcare providers, they have delivered a superb solution.

You can watch how Xapimed works on this overview video.

Simple, employee-led, elegant and efficient for all those involved in a busy healthcare setting, Xapimed makes the validation of nurses and other healthcare professionals a smooth and accurate experience for both the nurse and supervisor.

The thought and effort into designing and building this process should not be underestimated and the team at Xapimed have by their own admission learnt an awful lot in what they have done.

Much of the experience gained is now available for other healthcare providers, and what is even more exciting is the up and coming Xapify product to manage the competency process for non–desk workers – a group so often overlooked is on its way quite soon.


Digitising competencies in a workplace setting

Digitising competences is not new, but has been traditionally a desk-based experience where PC technology has been used, or a paper based or spreadsheet-based operation with all the inherent limitations and overheads of laborious data entry and re-entry making the process a chore, not a learning experience.

Digitising healthcare competencies

The beauty of Xapimed is firstly in its approach as a learner centric product and this works to great effect in that the nurse is in control of the validation process and taking on their responsibility by requesting that the supervisor validates their competence when demonstrated in the workplace.

Healthcare elearning validation

This control is further underpinned by the skills matrix built out in Xapimed, which is easy and practical to follow and allows learners to drill down quickly and easily to the individual competencies in a super practical way.

This is just one part of the powerful competency engine developed by Xapimed. Let’s take a deeper look at this, as it is very interesting.

Healthcare skills matrix


Competency Engine & Progress Monitoring

This tool is fully customisable and allows for different roles to be validated in healthcare each supported by a specific competence framework. The competency engine also allows for a range of different validation techniques to be used.

The progress monitoring dashboard is quite superb in managing multiple competency progressions and validations in a highly visual and informative manner.

Signing off of competencies is very well thought through in how criteria can be set, from observations to assessments and coaching. Checklists are used to good effect for both learners and verifiers.

Supervisors can assign activities to their teams as well as requesting an assessment by a team member. I am particularly impressed how collaborative team tasks can be assessed as well. The use of templates ensures consistency and efficiency in the process.

Training checklist templates

Overall, the UI and UX is quite excellent and works exceptionally well on a multitude of devices allowing for an easy tactile swipe and touch process of validation to take place in the workplace in real time.


Standalone or LMS & LXP Integrations

Xapimed can send xAPI statements back to an LMS, therefore existing records can be updated if required. However, you do not need to use the LMS to deliver elearning as Xapimed will do that for you with the elearning pathway builder.

Xapimed has integrations with Cornerstone, Success Factors, Workday and Edcast.


Build Learning Pathways

The elearning pathway builder allows for learning assets to dragged and dropped into the pathway to build richer learning journeys as part of skills development programmes. The pathway builder handles enrolments and notifications keeping the learner on track and provides reminders to learners of any up and coming assessment needs to keep validations current.

Pathways can be customised with branching and Xapimed provides a series of handy templates to build out courses if you want to, or you can create your own materials

Build healthcare courses online

Xapimed is also a highly capable audit tool as the training records it produces are able to showcase to regulators who is competent in any one area and quickly drill down to see individual performances and records required to evidence this in detail. Naturally you can use Xapimed to analyse whole training programmes as well.


Saving Time and Surfacing Data

The net effect (a bit of an understatement really), let’s say the huge benefit of Xapimed, is to the medical professional in saving them time while improving their skills and providing the organisation with meaningful data both for audit purposes but importantly for planning purposes as well.

Xapimed really does surface data in an approachable and understandable way for all users of this super piece of learning technology.

The Xapimed team obviously really liked a challenge in providing such a well thought through and easy to use solution that achieves so much in one of the most challenging of working environments – healthcare.

I am now really excited to see Xapify coming along for the wider world of non-desk workers, it is going to be really good with so many possibilities, of which I am absolutely certain.

The Xapimed team “get” healthcare in detail and really do understand the challenges faced by such large and complex organisations in competency validation and skills development and can advise on pilot projects and have developed an evolved methodology of delivering a pilot programme using Xapimed.

Xapimed also innovated working with a large healthcare provider by collecting data from mock situations (using a medical mannequin), making use of the the group observation app to assess team performance, which from the actual data captured new training procedures were developed.

To learn more about this excellent solution for tracking clinical skills and delivering on-the-job training, visit the Xapimed website.